I walked by a home in Belleville (NJ) the other day that had all of these upturned planter urns (I think that’s what they are) and this crooked bird bath and they reminded me of ancient ruins sitting around like I saw in Athens at the Acropolis years ago. What am I talking about? I know that they’re not really ancient ruins, so the question mark in the post title is maybe my own personal twist of exaggeration. If this makes no sense, please scroll down. Here’s the location in Belleville:

upturned classical urns and a bird bath in Belleville NJ

And here’s what I saw near the Acropolis in Athens years ago … I think it was around 1996 or so. I think the reason why these photographs (scanned from old 35mm prints) stuck in my memory for so long is because they were up in a field near the Acropolis and it seemed like a graveyard of broken “parts” from ancient Greek architecture that were just piled up with no rhyme or reason. Even if you disagree with my visual association with the urns in Belleville, I would think you might agree that the Belleville scene also has no rhyme or reason.

Ancient Greek architecture ruins near the Acropolis

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