We continue to receive viewer submissions of rock art and/or apparent face effigy stones that people are finding throughout the United States. Today we received this pair of photos of a single rock that Rusty M. sent us with the explanation that he found it in Neill Cemetery in Savannah, Tennessee.

I am not a rock art expert nor do I have any scholarly experience with Native American rock art, but I usually offer to post these submissions in the hope that someone out there knows more than I do and can share some feedback in the comments section below. Sometimes I see rock art sent to me that is clearly a hand-altered artifact, and other times, it’s hard to say from the pictures that I’m sent. Rusty’s opinion is that this rock form was man-made (or perhaps “altered by a human hand” would be more appropriate way to say it?), and it does seem to me from this view that the two areas that suggest eye sockets are smoothed or flattened in a way that doesn’t seem like a natural accident. The placement of the “nose” and the forehead, cheeks and chin shapes suggested by this stone certainly lend the feel of being an effigy. My question for any experts out there would be: what purpose would such a simple representation serve? I’m always curious to learn more about these things, and Rusty is certainly curious about what he has here.

face effigy found in Savannah, Tennessee
Do you see the suggested shapes of a face here?

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