Four teams carved elaborate snow sculptures in downtown Aspen over the weekend, competing in Wintersculpt, part of the Wintersköl celebration. One team made up of students at Aspen Middle School called themselves “Need for Green.”

During a Friday afternoon sculpting session, eighth grader Andrew Perley explained the team’s design and how it embodied their hopes for an environmentally-friendly future.

“The gondola would be sort of coming out of the Aspen leaf to symbolize Aspen and how it’s going to put itself towards a greener future,” he said.

The team was hard at work with shovels and chisels that afternoon, but fellow eighth grader Beau Toepfer said it was a little daunting to see the massive cube of snow when they got started.

“After we designed it, we kind of just saw the block yesterday, really. And we were like, oh, that’s a lot of snow,” he said.

Some of the team had previously taken part in the Kidsculpt competition but made the jump to the marquee event this year.

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