“You know that test, where you watch a TV show and time how long it is before a female character can go without talking about romance or herself in connection to a man?” Dyer says. “With Sex and The City, you get to about 30 seconds… Stevie isn’t that.

“If someone is doing the wrong thing or something she disagrees with, she just calls it and it doesn’t matter to her, the ramifications, it doesn’t matter, she doesn’t care.

“It’s not like she’s going to go out and hurt people, but she’s going to say what she thinks.”

It’s that attitude that made troublemaker Stevie an undisputed favourite in the hit comedy The Other Guy, a series already full of outstanding comic roles.

Harriet Dyer speaks her mind regardless of the consequences.

Harriet Dyer speaks her mind regardless of the consequences.

Led by comedian Matt Okine as recently single radio presenter AJ, the series skewered the absurdity of Australian life when it premiered in 2017 following AJ as he dipped back into the dating pool, with his bestie Stevie offering advice (often unwanted) from the sidelines of his life.

With a deft comic touch honed on series including Stan’s Original Series No Activity (both the Australian and US version, plus the Christmas Special), Rake and Black Comedy, Dyer helped make Stevie and AJ’s friendship an hysterical, completely atypical relationship – there was no way either was romantically interested in the other – and one that immediately struck a chord with viewers in Australia and around the world who recognised themselves or their friends in what they saw.

That familiarity will continue in the brand new season, with AJ still feeling his way through life and about to embark on a new career as the star of a television series about his disastrous life.

Joining the cast are powerhouse Australian actors Claudia Karvan as the television producer out to turn his troubles into gold, Lily Sullivan as the woman who might be able to help him get his love life back on track and of course, Dyer returns as Stevie, still offering him her wisdom, whether he wants it or not.

AJ faces new challenges in his career and disastrous life.

AJ faces new challenges in his career and disastrous life.

“I don’t think we’ve had a character like Stevie before and it’s about time!” Dyer says. “That classic kind of Australian larrikin role has been so reserved for men… it’s really great to see her being such a legend!”

That’s clearly something the fans agree with. After season one of The Other Guy, interest in Stevie was so obvious it was decided for the new season, we needed to see more of her.

Okine’s AJ is still the guy at the centre of The Other Guy, but now Stevie will be heading out on her own a bit more, with the cameras following as she goes to work (in a most unexpected job), starts dating (in her own unique way) and generally faces some uniquely Australian challenges.

“I was really flattered and really glad to hear that they wanted to bring Stevie more to the front and they actually invited me into the writer’s room so I was there at the genesis of where we go with the season and what she could get up to,” Dyer says.

In Season 2, Stevie faces some uniquely Australian challenges.

In Season 2, Stevie faces some uniquely Australian challenges.Credit:Stan

As usual, we can expect Stevie to face challenges we’ve never seen before but will instantly recognise.

“In season two Stevie inherits a caravan and then she realises she never got her licence and that is very Australian,” Dyer says.

“My best friend is 36 and he’s never even got his learners! There’s something about Sydney and its incredible public transport system that lets people roll into their 30s where they suddenly realise they never got a car. That is so Australian and we need to see that.

“American comedies and English comedies are all well and good, but there’s nothing like seeing the drunk uncles fighting at an Australian funeral in the back yard, we all know what that looks like and it’s got a particular voice.

“And that’s important for Australia and the world to see.”

You can watch every episode of the Stan Original Series The Other Guy, including the brand new season, right now – only on Stan.

And if you want to catch Harriet Dyer in more great Australian comedy, be sure to check out No Activity, Rake and Black Comedy.

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