A Bart Starr ice sculpture was unveiled outside of Lambeau Field on Sunday
A Bart Starr ice sculpture was unveiled outside of Lambeau Field on Sunday

If there’s one thing Green Bay Packers fans love more than football, it’s the snow and ice.

After all, the organization often calls upon their diehards and “owners” to shovel snow off Lambeau Field in below-freezing temperatures. That’s how you know the playoffs are here!

Well, those courageous shoveling efforts were put to shame by the breathtaking ice sculpture of the late Bart Starr that was unveiled on Sunday ahead of the Pack’s Divisional Round clash with the Seattle Seahawks.

This beauty deserves 10s across the board, and if you think otherwise, well, there’s no hope for you.

It’s literally a larger-than-life replica — to perhaps represent the otherworldly legacy he left on the NFL — of one of the greatest players to ever don the Packers’ iconic green and gold threads.

And it’s made from ice!

We sincerely hope that Matt LaFleur’s squad will get the chance to take in this masterpiece upon arriving at Lambeau. The image would invoke more inspiration than any pregame speech ever could — and that’s no knock on the first-year head coach.

During his Hall of Fame career, Starr compiled five NFL championships, two Super Bowl titles, an MVP, and four Pro Bowls…all with Green Bay.

Being reminded of Starr’s legacy ahead of a do-or-die game would be a priceless, yet effective motivator.

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