HINGHAM (CBS) — He’s only 6 years old, but this Hingham boy is determined to make a difference by helping animals threatened by the wildfires devastating parts of Australia. He’s doing it in a way only a child can: by sculpting one koala at a time.

“We’re making little, clay koalas to help the animals that have been hurt by the Australian brush fires,” explained Owen Colley.

He’s carefully crafting koalas for a cause. “Because helping animals is better than watching TV.”

Owen’s father, Simon, is Australian. When the 6-year-old learned that so many animals have been killed or are threatened by the wildfires, he was upset.

Owen’s mother, Caitlin said, “He thought about that and said, have any houses burned down? I said, yes, about 2,000. Any animals get hurt? And I said yes.”

He told his mother he wanted to do something, so he started making little koalas out of clay, saying make a donation and get a koala. At first, it was just family. But as these things go, word got out, and donations came in.

Six-year-old Owen Colley with is clay koalas (WBZ-TV)

“We’ve raised about $1,200,” Caitlin said.

The money goes to Wildlife Rescue South Coast, an Australian volunteer group helping animals displaced by the fires.

“We can help the fires, and help the animals,” Owen said. He was clearly excited about expanding the project. “My whole class found out today, and then almost my whole class wants to do it,” he said.

“I’m so proud of him. He’s doing a great job,” said his mom.

A $50 donation will get you a clay koala, but donations of any size are welcome.

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