A mystery sculpture has appeared at the top of Christchurch’s Mt Vernon Park, leaving the park’s owners wondering who is responsible. 

A social media post was made about 5pm on December 23 23 by the park’s trust, asking the anonymous sculptor to get in touch to discuss the idea behind the design.

Do you know who the mysterious sculptor is? Is it you? Email reporters@press.co.nz

The sculpture looks to be a combination of the sun and a dream catcher and has been catching the eyes of visitors to local walking tracks.

It’s situated about a 10-minute walk down the hill from Lavar car park on Summit Rd. It can be seen from halfway up Rapaki Track. 

Trustees looking after Christchurch's Mt Vernon Park want to know who put up this sculpture.

Mt Vernon Park Trust

Trustees looking after Christchurch’s Mt Vernon Park want to know who put up this sculpture.

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Mt Vernon Trust president Steve Ferris said he wanted to find the identity of the sculptor to ask them some questions about their piece before deciding whether to remove it or not. 

“We know nothing about the sculpture that has appeared,” he said.

“This mysterious artist has obviously gone to a lot of trouble to build the thing, lug it all the way up the hill and drill it into the ground.”

Ferris said he and the trust were unsure if they wanted the sculpture removed or not until they found out where it came from.

“If we wanted it removed it’d be gone by now. But we also can’t have people just coming up here and putting structures up without permission.

“Unfortunately they’ve not gone to the trouble of finding out who owns the land – which is us. A lot of people think the park is council-owned but it’s not.

“We just think it’s reasonable to be asked permission before people install sculptures into our land.” 

The sculptor, who has remained anonymous and has been likened to mystery British artist Banksy, is being asked to contact Mt Vernon Trust through its Facebook page or website. 

In 2015, Stuff reported on a mystery street artist in Christchurch who painted superhero murals around the city. The artist was later identified as graphic artist Mark Catley. 

It appears the sun sculpture will remain at Mt Vernon as long as the trust confirms it is not malicious and the mystery artist agrees not to add to the collection. 

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