Two Crews

What a treat – dance that is fun! The title of this hour of serious mayhem refers to two hip-hop crews that compete fiercely, yet in a friendly way, through dance that requires precision, speed stamina and stacks of character.

Two Crews is part of Sydney Festival at Carriageworks.

Two Crews is part of Sydney Festival at Carriageworks.

The all-female Lady Rocks comes from Paris and they are a fabulously feisty foursome. Their moves are smart and creative, their footwork nifty, and they have bodies that go beyond bendy to astonishing plasticity.

They are up against Riddim Nation, an Australian crew of three males and one woman, who turns out not to be an honorary male but a performer with a character all her own, displayed in a long and surprisingly subtle solo. The two crews play at menacing each other, four against four. Then it might be one against one – the smallest girl against the tallest boy – a passing parade of competing performers or an individual showing off his or her paces.

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