George Lazenby as 007 in the film 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service'.

George Lazenby as 007 in the film ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’.Credit:Publicity

Donald Zec, writing in the Daily Mirror, tells the 29-years-old former advertising model from Queanbeyan, NSW, “Back to the chocolate, George.”

“Lazenby, who acts with his ‘learner’ plates showing, has neither the animal magnetism nor the villainous appeal that hall-marked his predecessor,” Zec says.

“His lines carry about as much conviction as an insecticide salesman at a flea circus.”

Ian Chrisitie, film critic of the Daily Express, says: “I don’t believe for a moment this chap George Lazenby is James Bond.

“In fact, I think the whole thing is a diabolical plot by Goldfinger’s mob, SMERSH, or some other group of international scoundrels to confuse and demoralise the nation and leave us at the mercy of sinister, power-crazed maniacs.”

However, most critics agree that despite Lazenby’s disappointing performance, the film itself is well directed and Diana Rigg, former Avenger’s star, performs very well as a mysterious countess who is saved from suicide by Bond.

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