Denver International Airport’s Blue Mustang will continue to frighten visitors who arrive to Colorado, but Loveland’s own blue horses will be going away soon.

The “Equinox” sculpture at Interstate 25 and U.S. 34 will be dismantled due to a redesign of the interchange, the city of Loveland announced in a Wednesday press release.

The sculpture will come down within the next two weeks, the release said. The exact date has yet to be announced.

The redesign is part of the I-25 express lanes project, which will add one express lane on the interstate in both directions from Johnstown to Fort Collins.

The five-story, 13-ton sculpture will be taken apart in several pieces using a crane, the release said. LPR Construction, the company that installed “Equinox,” will take it down.

The sculpture will be stored in pieces until a new location to display it is chosen, the release said.

Installed in 2014, “Equinox” is the largest public works project in Loveland. Created by a team of three artists and selected out of 143 applications, the three blue horses are a homage to the art of the Arapaho and Southern Cheyenne Plains Indians, with each representing a different aspect of Loveland.

The $225,000 sculpture was funded by a Department of Transportation System Enhancement grant and Loveland’s Art in Public Places fund.

Not all the city’s residents will be sad to see it go. The sculpture has received a number of complaints during its tenure, with some people unsure of how it  represents Loveland.

In an opinion call to the Reporter-Herald, one person said it was difficult to appreciate from above the interstate.

“It should be put somewhere else where a place card could be put to explain what it’s all about,” the caller said.

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