What a party!” exclaimed Joe Andreozzi and Mike Lombardi as they stood chatting with sales and community relations director Jen Burns inside the extremely well decorated lobby at The Bridge at Cherry Hill last Thursday night. “As the saying goes, it’s always special here; perhaps even more so this time!”

Andreozzi and Lombardi weren’t the only people who were amazed with the lavish Residents and Family Christmas Party.

In the middle of it all were Maryann Grace, The Bridge’s executive director, and Burns, who greeted attendees and wished them a merry Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year.

The main lobby, which featured an ice sculpture called “Santa Moon,” was filled with people enjoying passed hors d’oeuvres prepared by executive chef Marvin Carter and cook John Kennedy.

One of the night’s unsung heroes was Tom Burns, who amazingly found parking places for almost everyone. And if there were no available spaces, he had an option to pick people up at neighboring Our Lady of Grace Church and shuttle them directly to the front door.

Andreozzi, Lombardi and many other people let it be known: “The people here always make it extra special, but tonight they went above and beyond, for sure!”

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