BELLINGEN council seems determined to adopt, ahead of public consultation, a plan to install a seven-metre high suspended stainless steel ring sporting programmable coloured lights in Hickory St, Dorrigo.

What’s particularly mind-boggling is that the ‘Water Cloud’ sculpture will obviously ruin the heritage rich streetscape that hasn’t yet been compromised by modern shopping centres, traffic lights and characterless concrete facades.

It appears there is a designed strategy to quietly rush through council’s consultation phase over the Christmas break avoiding full community engagement.

Input has been further stymied by the council’s Create’ community portal that hasn’t been receiving and processing comments.

Cars already baulk in Hickory St looking to do a u-turn outside Noble’s garage so it is obvious the structure will only exacerbate a traffic problem that already exists.

How can this ‘just add boiling water’ corporate approach represent Dorrigo values in any meaningful way?

A grand monument to nothingness.

If the proposed sculpture is to be installed it would better be situated away from heritage values in a position conducive to art appreciation. Once accepted, it will become a permanent aspect to Dorrigo’s main street regardless of how well it achieves its said goal.

This is an important moment for Dorrigo and will set a precedent.

Given the issues occurring presently with digital submissions via the council’s ‘Create’ portal more time for consultation is essential.

If this development concerns you, consider making a hand-delivered signed comment to council before January 8 to ensure your message is read.

Glen, Dorrigo

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