In appreciation of Equinox

I have been saddened, appalled and even angry at the vicious, unkind and uncalled for attacks on the Equinox sculpture. You are certainly free to dislike it if you choose. I’m sure, however, that I am among many — probably the majority — who like it very much. I hope that when a decision is made for its future, that it can be in a wonderful, prominent, unobstructed location so that we can enjoy the freedom and the history that it depicts. I thank my friends Doug Erion and Doug Rutledge for their vision. Please know that you and your sculpture are appreciated.

Judy Milligan Johnson


Virginia’s political class declares war on their own citizens

In the “Second Amendment” community, all eyes are on the state of Virginia, as a newly elected majority of Democrats gleefully pen every form of gun control on their wish list. Representatives who feel that they have no allegiance to all those constituents in the rural parts of their state, or any need to honor the Constitution that they have just sworn an oath to defend, seem determined that anything they come up with will be obeyed and citizens will meekly give up thousands of dollars worth of private property, the very tools needed to defend against arrogant, elitist politicians that assume they are all powerful.

If politicians feel threatened by honest, law-abiding citizens bearing arms, maybe that should tell them something about themselves. The political class in Virginia is about to declare war on their own citizens. Thousands will not comply; there can be no good end to such a confrontation. In the end there is no difference between evil and stupid when you look at the results.

These laws will have no affect on the gangs, career criminals and mass killers whether they use a gun, knife, or propane tank. Michael Bloomberg, who put a lot of money into designing Virginia’s governing body, will slither back into his New York mansion, surrounded by his well-armed private security detail and watch to see what happens. Those things the politicians told you they would keep you safe from will still be there, but they will have done terrible damage to the fabric of society. I do hope our politicians in Denver are not stupid or evil enough to follow Virginia’s lead.

Dave Jiles


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