The holidays are coming. It is the time of giving. Let us help.

This year for the holidays, and all year long, Maine Art Hill is offering something new. E-Gift Cards. Gift cards you can purchase and print or email from home. 

Many of you come in each year and purchase gift certificates for art for your loved ones. If you live close and want to visit, we still encourage you to come in and browse around if you would like. However, you can now go to our website and follow the simple and easy steps using Gift Up to purchase, then print or email a gift card in any amount. 

It’s so easy.

Go to 

Click the MAINE ART HILL GIFT CARD button on the top menu. 

Choose the amount. $100 and $250 are already done for you or type in any amount wanted. 

Choose who it is for – YOURSELF or SOMEONE ELSE. 

Now fill in the blanks. This should be easy. Follow the steps. 

If you want to print it and give it in person, choose a fun way to wrap it, or place it in a pretty envelope to mail or give away personally. 

If you are emailing it to the recipient, we encourage you to reach out to make sure they received an email, just in case it went to spam, or there was a typo. The number on the certificate and the recipients’ name with be how we look this up later, so both are important.

That’s it!

If you have trouble, give us a call, and we can help, as always. 


Merry Giving!

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