We’ve partnered with a print on demand service for the on line E Zine MM&S. So now you can purchase the E Zine or download a free digital copy. I know people think its crazy to allow a free download but how else are you going to find out about how great our artists are in this issue.
Just remember the Fall 2016 issue is available for purchase, its how we support the website and E Zine.


Fall MM&S 2016

Monoprint-Monotype.com understands the importance of providing a venue for this unique form of art. Our matrix is as open as the imaginations of the artists it supports. To that end we will explore the work of emerging, established and surprising artists from around the world. They will be presented here and in on our website Monoprint-Monotype.com. MM&S Magazine is a submission-based, quarterly digital and on-demand print publication.

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