AN “EXCITING” new sculpture is to be erected in Salisbury’s Guildhall Square, to mark 800 years since the founding of the city’s cathedral.

The sculpture, gifted to the city, is to be created by John Maine RA, is set to be installed early next year.

Named ‘Turning Point’, the artistic piece is intended as a ‘marker of confidence’, contributing to a sense of optimism for the future of Salisbury.

It is due to be installed as part of the celebrations for the 800th year anniversary of the founding of Salisbury Cathedral, “reinforcing close links between the cathedral and the city”.

‘Turning Point’ marks the passage of time, as its shadow encircles the base. At 4.2 metres high, the sculpture is built in seven courses of granite and shaped in the form of a spire.

The creation of the sculpture follows on from John Maine’s extensive exhibition in the Cathedral and throughout the Close and Sarum College in 2014. He has also exhibited drawings and small sculptures in the Young Gallery beside the Market Place.

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