A most fitting goodbye to the nation’s 45th president is taking place in his very own native New York. Urban artist Adrian Wilson, known for his clever interventions in public spaces, has struck again: today he reworked a sign for Thompson Street in Lower Manhattan to read “TrumpGone St.” Wilson also redesigned the 46th St. subway station sign at Broadway in Astoria to proudly announce “46th Joe” (and, right below it: “45th Out”).

Wilson’s intervention at the 46th St. subway station in Astoria. (photo by and courtesy of Adrian Wilson)

According to Wilson, the subway intervention was gone in less than two hours, but the Thompson St. variation was still up as of this post. The artist always opts for easy-to-remove stickers instead of permanent damage, out of consideration for those tasked with cleaning up his work (even if this makes them ephemeral). In remembrance of the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg last year, Wilson used the same sticker method to convincingly redesign the mosaic signs for the 50th Street station in Manhattan to read “Ruth St.”

Bye, Trump. New York won’t miss you.

The Thompson St. intervention was still up as of this post. (photo by and courtesy of Adrian Wilson)

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