In a program note, Lake asks whether crowds, societies and social networks are just collections of individuals or if they demonstrate the power of many. In the action and rhythms of her choreography, she explores this, dividing her ensemble (which remains on stage throughout) into cleverly controlled groups with smaller and individual breakout sequences.

It is compelling to watch, involving in its ebb and flow of mood and movement. Inevitably, the group turns on a single person, but even in that development there is a resolution that may not be obvious.

Circle of trust

Circle of trustCredit:Wolter Peeters

Colossus is a powerful piece that the Sydney Festival has brought from Melbourne, where Lake and her company are based. She has augmented their numbers with local dancers, not necessarily professionals, and they work together exceptionally well. The demands of precision are intense and
they meet that challenge.

Composer and sound designer Robin Fox has contributed audio that is full of electronic character but doesn’t intrude and even keeps silent from time to time. Bosco Shaw’s lighting and Harriet Oxley’s all-black costumes add to the overall effectiveness of the piece. Catch it if you can.

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