I’ve seen a lot of fascinating rock art finds sent to me by Artsology Blog readers, but this one is especially remarkable. It was sent to me by Nick B., who lives in Wyoming and writes:

“I found a carving on the side of a boulder near my home in Wyoming near the Black Hills of South Dakota. It is in a deep canyon in an area where normal travel is very difficult. We had found this when we were young, about 35 years ago, and went back to find it again this past week. I can not tell if it is Native American or something different. There is also a curious carving in the shape of a diamond on the lower part of the rock. We truly do not believe that it is just a talented artist carving on a rock, due to the difficulty getting to and location of the sculpture.”

I’m going to include a big picture here, so you can see all of the details up close; scroll down for more pictures and more info below …

rock carving face in wyoming

The picture below left gives you a little more context in which this carving is found, with this profile view showing its placement on the rock. Below right is the diamond-shaped carving also on this rock, it appears to be partially covered by the greenery in the lower right corner of the left picture, but a clearer view in this right picture.

rock carving in Wyoming

As I tell everyone who sends me pictures like this, I’m not a rock art expert myself but am always happy to share these finds in the hope that someone out there will see this and have information or knowledge to share. I have no idea whether this is something carved by Native Americans long ago, and all we know about the age of it, based on Nick’s testimony, is that it’s at least 35 years old. If I may share my own observation and visual first impression, the facial features reminds me of a young Abraham Lincoln. Maybe I’m swayed by its proximity to Mount Rushmore, or the mossy growth at the top of the forehead that looks like a tuft of hair, or the shape of the eyes, cheek bones and long nose, but all of these things makes me think of a visual resemblance to this painting of Lincoln, or this portrait of Lincoln … but who knows? Maybe that’s just my visual association.

If you have any thoughts or feedback, please share in the comments section below.

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