The photographs and stories from Artsology Blog readers who have found rock art throughout the United States continue to come in … this latest find is from Kari in Georgia. She said she “… found it locally (Cumming, GA) in the woods while out walking. It is about 7″ high x 4″ wide by 2.5″ deep.” Here’s a first view of a left profile view and a right profile view of the same singular rock. Scroll down for more …

rock art head found in Georgia

Here’s another pair of photos of the same rock art head, with a straight-on view below left, and a 3/4 view below right, which I find especially interesting, because from this angle, it really looks a lot like the famous large moai sculptures from Easter Island!

rock art found in Georgia that looks like Easter Island heads

This last pair of pictures is again of the same rock, but after Kari had cleaned the rock with water and a brush to get the mud and algae off of it. She mentioned that she had “… found it laying flat with the face upward, so it was pretty dirty.”

Once again, we share this with the hope that someone out there has seen things like this and has some expertise and give us some information on what exactly Kari has found. If you have any thoughts or information that you can share, please do so in the comments section below.

rock art found in Georgia, looks like a carved Native American mask

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