One would think that Santa Claus would be extremely busy and focused right now on his big night coming up December 24th, and that he would be spending all day every day overseeing elves and making sure his workshop was running smoothly. But a short walk around my neighborhood in Belleville, NJ, would show that Santa (or – at least the inflatable lawn decoration version of Santa) has a lot of other interests and activities right now. Let’s see what Santa is up to … below left, he’s riding a gift-carrying Tyrannosaurus rex bareback, and below right he’s delivering a tree in his pickup truck. Scroll down for more –

unusual inflatable Santa Claus figures in Belleville NJ
Inflatable Santa Claus figures having fun!

Next up we have Action Santa … below left he’s piloting a helicopter, and below right he’s riding a motorcycle – go Santa!

Santa Claus inflatables in Belleville NJ
Inflatable Santa has more than just a sled to get around!

And lastly, we’ve got Santa playing a game of “Whack A Penguin,” below left, and below right, my favorite one of them all: Santa strikes his best John Travolta pose under the disco ball with the slogan across the bottom of the inflatable reading “Christmas Night Fever.”

Santa Claus unusual inflatables in Belleville, NJ
Santa at play, and Santa the Disco King

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