SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) – A Satanic Temple display has returned to join others at the Capitol Rotunda over the holiday season.

A sculpture of a raised hand holding a black apple, brought in by the Satanic Temple of Chicago, has a base that says, “Knowledge Is the Greatest Gift”. It’s expected to be near a menorah and Nativity scene. Our news partners at WTAX Radio said the menorah display had not been set up yet as of Monday, Dec. 2.

The station said a sign from the secretary of state’s office details how the displays are all welcome.

“Otherwise, you run the risk of not allowing any of the displays in the Rotunda whatsoever,” said secretary of state spokesman Henry Haupt. “We’ve worked with these groups for a number of years, and they appreciate the fact that they are allowed to express their freedom of speech and place their display here, and we hope that would continue.”

The Satanic Temple of Chicago has said it is a “nontheist” organization.

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