While walking through Detroit, it’s hard to miss the fact that vibrant art is everywhere. Most buildings that can have murals painted on them do and it makes the streets feel alive. This sculpture garden takes the love of public art and takes it up a notch with this sculpture garden

Detroit loves to put art in unexpected places, but art made out of unexpected things is something that the city excels in.

Like many cool things these days, the park all started with a campaign on Kickstarter

People from the community saw an area with a lot of potential to bring some joy to the residents and they jumped at the chance. 

Fencing the park in on one side is Recycle Here! Since the park is made out of recycled things, it only makes sense that it sits right next to a facility where all Detroiters can take their old things and repurpose them. 

Recycle Here! even uses the park as an example of how everyone can repurpose all kinds of items. 

As a park, it’s excellent to visit during the day and lounge around with friends, but there are also a lot of more organized activities that happen there that might be exciting to visit.


The park on Lincoln Street has been a part of our city for almost a decade now and it’s become a hub of fun activities. The Instagram geotag is also very active.

Trust me, if you go there and take some photos you are going to want to share them. 


One of the quirkier events is known as Buttcon and takes place during the summer. 

People dress up, draw cute little butt cartoons on everything, and dance around a bonfire.


There are fun daytime activities too, like yoga in the park and events for children. 

Get out there and start recycling! You never know what could be art next. 


This greenhouse in Ann Arbor has so many different types of plants and is free to visit if your idea of a park is on the greener side of things. 

Lincoln Street Art Park

Price: Free

Address: 5926 Lincoln St., Detroit, MI

Why You Need To Go: The community presence here is awesome to witness and the art is phenomenal. 

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