We’ve gotten our first look at the new butter sculpture at the 2020 Farm Show. Now here’s a look at how it was created.

Above is a time-lapse video of the sculptors, Jim Victor and Marie Pelton, creating the work. In fitting the theme of the Farm Show this year, “East Meets West at the Pennsylvania Farm Show,” it features mascots from three major league Pennsylvania sports teams: Gritty of the Philadelphia Flyers, Swoop of the Philadelphia Eagles and Steely McBeam of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The video shows the artists covering the wire-frame armatures with butter, in a process which took 14 days. The 1000 pounds of butter used for the sculpture was inedible scrap butter donated from Land O’Lakes.

Want more info on this year’s butter sculpture, the artists who made it, or what else you might find at this year’s Farm Show? Check out these stories below:

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