I went out for a walk in my neighborhood this afternoon, to get some fresh air and to try to get my mind off of current events. But some of the catchphrases circulating around the coronavirus pandemic have me seeing things in a different way as I stroll through my neighborhood in Belleville, NJ.

For example, this old fashioned silhouette of two people riding in a horse-drawn carriage. On any other day, I might see this and think of the art of Kara Walker. But today I see this on someone’s front door, and the first thought that came to mind was, “those people in the carriage are practicing social distancing!”

social distancing silhouette on a front door

This sudden awareness then has me looking for more examples of visual social distancing … and I found it, right around the corner, when I saw these plastic deer lawn ornaments. The way the one on the right is looking at the one on the left, and the amount of space between them, had me imagining them having a nice conversation while maintaining their social distance. It’s not quite the recommended 6 feet of distance, but I think this will work for my current events-inspired imagination.

social distancing lawn ornament deer

If you happen upon any funny or unexpected visual examples of social distancing, feel free to share your pictures with us … we’ll post our favorites here on the blog.

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