The Stan series’ first season was all about Mo, but Dawn was already making waves as his trusted lieutenant, one of the few women in the male-centric 1980s world of finance.

Now with a brand new season officially on our screens and with Mo in hiding, it’s her time to shine.

Dawn picks up where Mo’s mad ride ended, determined to outshine her former boss and make her mark on the financial world in her own unique way. “In a sea of men,” Hall says, “she is the strongest!”

Already the only female head trader in Wall Street, she’s set to rewrite the rules: so, look out anyone (Mo included) who gets in her way.

“Ladies!” she shouts to her new colleagues still struggling to recover from the financial apocalypse Mo left them to deal with. “We are going to shatter the glass ceiling!”

Here are six other characters who shatter the myth that sharing a stage with a bigger name means you can’t still make it your own.

Karen Walker and Jack McFarland (Will & Grace)


Chat to any fan of this long-running and recently revived sitcom and you’ll fast find that while Will Truman and Grace Adler might get top billing, it’s their besties Karen (Megan Mullaly) and Jack (Sean Hayes) who have the viewers’ hearts.

Self-absorbed, narcissistic and often downright brutal they may be, but with razor-sharp delivery of perfect comic lines, the pair are the ideal addition to the show’s recipe and make it all complete.

Watch the entire original series here and brand new episodes of the revival here.

Dr Christina Yang (Grey’s Anatomy)


While Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) found and lost love (then found and lost it a few more times) in the halls of Seattle Grace Hospital, it was her colleague Christina Yang (Sandra Oh) who got on with the more serious business of medicine and quietly developed her character.

Through ten seasons of the show’s history, she broke down every barrier in her way to go from intern to surgeon, becoming a powerhouse in the hospital and a true fan favourite of the series.

Watch all 10 seasons of Yang’s residency in Grey’s Anatomy here.

Stevie Nicholls (The Other Guy)


Almost the perfect example of a stealth character who creeps up and steals the show, Stevie (Harriet Dyer) is the life-long friend of AJ (Matt Okine) who drifts through the action seemingly without a care, while actually living a far-more complex life than anyone suspects.

In the second season of the Stan Original Series, we get to see this realisation come to the fore in one of the most hilarious, heart-breaking and unexpectedly rewarding story arcs in years.

Stream every episode of the Stan Original Series The Other Guy here.

Matt LeBlanc (Episodes)


After years of playing the charmer Joey Tribbiani on Friends, we all knew LeBlanc could bring a well-written character to life, but it’s through playing a (hopefully-exaggerated) version of himself in this behind-the-scenes look at Hollywood that his true comedic skills shone.

Completely unafraid to parody himself, he’s created a caricature of every entitled celebrity, utterly dominating every scene he is in. More please!

Watch every episode of Episodes here.

Saul Goodman (Better Call Saul)


A criminal lawyer who is more criminal than lawyer, Saul (Bob Odenkirk), started out as the legal eagle called in to help Breaking Bad’s Walter White when the law finally caught up with him.

As dodgy as he was, there was always something lovable about Saul, enough to make him a welcome break in the often-dark world of the iconic series – and send him into the spotlight to star in his very own series, Better Call Saul.

The prequel, now onto its fifth season, explores his transformation into the shady dealer from down-on-his-luck Jimmy McGill, and his trajectory into the criminal world is accelerating by the episode.

Watch the brand new season of Better Call Saul here and every episode of Breaking Bad here.

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