It’s pretty common to see the green traffic control boxes in New York City covered with graffiti, street art, or sticker art, and this one at the corner of 22nd Street and 10th Avenue is no exception. However, as I was walking around it, looking at the art on each side, I first noticed this tall sticker art (below left) with a half face with red paint or makeup on the left side of the box. When I walked around to the right side, I noticed this second tall sticker art, with the other half of the face, with more red paint. Scroll down for more …

face with red paint sticker art nyc
These two sticker art pieces were on different sides of a traffic control box in Chelsea at 22nd and 10th

So, considering the placement of each at the edge of the box on different sides, it only made sense to step back and look at the corner from this angle, to put the two halves of the face together:

diptych of sticker art on traffic control box in NYC
Looking at the same two pieces from the corner view gives us this.

There’s no ID or name on the sticker art pieces … if you know who the artist is, please share some info in the comments section below.

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