I was in NYC on Sunday, and as I was walking north past Tompkins Square Park on Avenue B in the East Village, I noticed something attached to this sign post (below left). As you can see, it’s pretty small and somewhat discreet, but it still grabbed my attention. I’m not sure if this lion head is hand-carved, or something mass produced, but it was connected to this post by a nut and bolt. I’ve seen other street artists take this approach, and they often put glue or something over the bolt to try to keep the piece on the streets as long as possible, but this one was just bolted.

lion head attached to a post on Avenue B in NYC

Personally, I love things like this – it’s small, discreet, not hurting anyone or anything … something of visual interest that caused me to stop and enjoy with a sense of wonder. If anyone knows who the artist is, or has any other info about this lion head, please share in the comments section below.

Lion King - a lion head attached to a post on Avenue B near Tompkins Square Park

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