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A toddler has been crushed to death by an ice sculpture at a Christmas market in Luxembourg. 

The two-year-old was standing near an ice rink with his family at the Place Guillaume II market on Sunday when the frozen figure fell apart, landing on top of him, local outlet RTL reported.

A manslaughter investigation has been opened as authorities try to determine how the sculpture collapsed.

The sculptor who constructed the artwork confirmed it is the first time something like this had happened.  “We are all shocked, me first and foremost,” he told RTL. “This does not happen.”

“Words cannot describe how tragic the incident was,” tweeted Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel.

Image: Luxembourg City Police Department via rtl

Private hospitals are being urged to rein in costs and hold “greedy” specialists to account if they want to survive the so-called “death spiral” gripping the health insurance industry. 

The Grattan Institute has made a number of recommendations which could result in $2 billion in savings each year.

If the ideas are passed on, insurance premiums could drop by as much as 10 percent.

‘greedy specialists’ need to be held account. Image: Getty

Firefighters in NSW are monitoring bushland to see if lightning strikes sparked more fires after a night of severe thunderstorms.

There are at least 80 blazes burning across the state, 50 of which are uncontained.

There is a very high fire danger along the coast today, with temperatures set to hit the low thirties.

A truck driver charged over the deaths of 39 people found in a refrigerated trailer in the U.K has fronted court.

Maurice Robinson, 25, has admitted to being part of an alleged human trafficking ring spanning more than a year.

He’s been charged with 41 offences, including 39 charges of manslaughter.

Truck driver Mo Robinson is being questioned by police. Image: Facebook/PA

The concentration of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere reached new highs in 2018.

The World Meteorological Organisation says the increase was above the average rise recorded over the last decade.

It has called for governments to take more urgent action to address emissions.

Uber has been stripped of its licence to operate in London.

It comes after authorities uncovered 14,000 trips taken with drivers who had faked their identity.

Uber will appeal the ban.

Photo: Uber

The heroic dog who helped bring down Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been honoured at a ceremony at the White House.

Conan was injured while chasing the assailant down a dead-end tunnel in Syria.

President Donald Trump labelled the pup “incredible”, “brilliant” and “smart” while presenting her with a medal and a plaque.

He also continually referred to Conan as a male, when she is actually a female dog.

U.S. military K9 Conan, the dog that assisted Special Forces soliders in the raid that killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Image: Chip Somodevilla/Getty

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