Jodie Whittaker makes a good follow-up to the former Doctors and a lively and likeable first female Doctor. But the series is so frantically busy, burdened by overwritten plots and inundated by overwhelming special effects that it is, sadly, boring. Bring back the Daleks, colourful old adversaries, and cleaner historical plot references!

Colleen Keane, Montmorency

Get me outta here

I’m a Celebrity … is more like Who’s a Celebrity? I was so bored I had to get out of there.

Paul Custance, Highett

The ABC was on fire …

It was so gratifying to see an ABC reporter asking the Prime Minister the hard questions and the follow-ups when the questions were avoided. Michael Rowland was fearless in his interview with Scott Morrison on 7.30 concerning the bushfires. Leigh Sales and Sabra Lane should watch this interview for some hints on how to interview Scott Morrison.

Marcus Kalkman, Frankston South

… until it was doused

I have just witnessed Scott Morrison make a meal of a very uncomfortable Michael Rowland on 7.30. As a Labor voter and a friend of the ABC it was an embarrassment to watch. Rowland tried to bait the PM into an error in a very obvious way and Morrison, in true “speaking in tongues” manner, turned the interview into a self-promotion. Rowland is obviously more comfortable sharing the breakfast spot. He’s no Leigh Sales.

Kenneth Coghill, Bentleigh

Finding a connection

NITV does some superb programs. Going Places takes us to remote communities up north and gives a taste of what it is like to connect with country and its people. What precious insight to culture.

Martin Hengeveld, Eltham

Noises off

Why is it that watching cricket brings on verbal diarrhoea by some commentators? Shane Warne (Foxtel), please give us a break from your constant barrage of words so we can watch the game in peace.

Brian Morley, Donvale

Candlelight is flickering

Carols by Candlelight has been steadily been getting worse; minimum carols with a great choir, more variety act singers performing obscure songs that don’t relate to Christmas. And who cares what shows they have been or are currently in? Even the evergreen regulars sounded like they have reached their use-by date. The Sydney Carols in the Domain show on Seven is much more the spirit of Christmas after being the poor cousin for many years.

Wayne Rice, Doncaster East

Sami’s solo act a winner

What a splendid job Sami Shah is doing as afternoon presenter on 774 Melbourne radio, demonstrating intelligence, courtesy and compassion during the recent fires. He is articulate, doesn’t repeat himself unnecessarily, nor use inane cliches, and most important of all, he listens to his callers and responds appropriately. This is an interesting contrast to the disappointment felt when he was part of a double act doing the breakfast program last year.

Patricia Sullivan, Somers

Self-regulation doesn’t work

Netflix and other streaming services may well be the greatest existential threat faced by free-to-air television. Surely, however, another force not far behind must be the endless, mindless, repetitive ads on commercial channels, typified by those shown on rotation throughout this season’s TV Test cricket coverage. Another triumph for industry self-regulation? (For those who don’t recall, many years ago, TV advertisements were controlled by tight rules on quantity, frequency and duration.)

Ross Daniels, McCrae

Please explain

SBS, please explain why the magnificent Vienna New Year’s Concert was not telecast on New Year’s Day 2019 and 2020.

Anne Douglas, Warrnambool

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