Dr Hunter Mulcare and Amy Donaldson are psychologists and hosts of the Two Shrinks Pod, a podcast that explores personality disorders, psychological theory, and the representation of psychosis in the media. The pair have produced one of those rare podcasting treats: an independent show on a fascinating subject, with good quality audio and a strong chemistry between hosts.

Amy Donaldson and Dr Hunter Mulcare from Two Shrinks Pod.

Amy Donaldson and Dr Hunter Mulcare from Two Shrinks Pod.

Mulcare wanted to try podcasting during a period of leave, when he “needed to keep his brain working,” and enlisted a surprised Donaldson, who says she “literally showed up for a drink one night at [Mulcare’s house] and there were microphones there. And now we’re 51 episodes in!”

Mulcare wanted to create a show that explained psychology and psychological theory while never talking down to the audience. Mulcare was frustrated with the way psychology was being portrayed in mainstream media, and thought podcasting offered him a chance to go a little deeper.

“I was listening to a lot of American politics podcasts at the time,” says Mulcare “And some of those shows would talk in great detail, at a really high level about complex situations. And I thought, ‘that’s what I want!’ I want to have a podcast that would be two psychologists talking to each other, and not to dumb it down for people. Because I get sick of those two-minute spots on radio or breakfast television about some new psychology study…”

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