Louis Theroux takes the stage in Melbourne

Louis Theroux takes the stage in MelbourneCredit:Megan Moss

In a bare-all two-hour show hosted by Julia Zemiro, Theroux unveils how he stumbled into the wide world of journalism and the key to his success: ultimately getting involved with his subjects more than a journalist ordinarily would. Unafraid of embarrassing himself, he has been able to get his interview subjects – or contributors, as he calls them – to reveal more about themselves.

The screen flashes with the nude polaroid of himself he presented to gay porn film-makers to establish whether he had any “potential”.

“I think that was the original dick pic,”quips Zemiro.

“Is this going to be my legacy?” Theroux ponders. “I always wondered if they blurred that enough!”

He crosses to some of his more memorable contributors throughout his 25-year career, such as the pre-Viagra porn legend JJ, who filmed 500 porn flicks in 3.5 years, to find out where he is now (married six times, working in IT. Regrets? Yes).

After a mildly unsuccessful search in the audience for the subject of his next documentary, he brings onstage Megan Phelps Roper, former contributor and member of the “most hated family in America”, AKA the Westboro Baptist Church, who is now a civil rights and anti-bullying advocate.

Theroux says of Roper, who he now calls his friend: “It makes me feel good that I can be a part of Megan’s positive journey,”. Among his circle of friends are also JJ, and Mike, the gun-toting “survivalist”.

But most interestingly of all is what Theroux, this time the subject of the interview, reveals about himself. “There’s part of me that lives vicariously through the series,” he admits.

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