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Fake tan, big hair and leotards. What’s not to love? The return of Compass for 2020 brings a fun look at “Physie”, a cultish female-only sport introduced to Australia way ack in the depths of the Victorian age by Danish immigrant Hans-Christian Bjelke-Petersen. Officially a type of Danish eurythmics, the dynamics of Physical Culture (its official, much less fun name) has seen it chart the changing times for Australian women over the past 120-plus years. Invented to circumvent the opposition to women engaging in sport, it has evolved to the point it looks like a weird hybrid of jazz ballet, calisthenics and the underwater scenes from an Esther Williams film. In this Compass instalment, proud Physie adherents young and old share their stories.

Physie is a fusion of dance and sport.

Physie is a fusion of dance and sport.Credit:Rohan Thomson

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