Monster Croc Wrangler


Depending on the logistics of the day and the amount of annoying relatives you have a yearly encounter with, December 25 can be a trying experience. If that’s the case, may I prescribe on-demand episodes of Monster Croc Wrangler, where helicopter pilot Matt Wright and his associates travel the Northern Territory catching large and carnivorous reptiles for the purpose of relocation.

Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson.

Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson.Credit:USA Network

With a panoramic backdrop, the average episode might take place hundreds of kilometres from Darwin, where the temperatures are in the forties and saltwater crocodiles are moving into freshwater ecosystems, which can lead to calamitous outcomes for unwary tourists or children simply seeking a relaxing dip. There’s generally a decent ratio of outback banter to actual croc catching, but the creatures do feature in all their predatory might. Apparently you have to tape a crocodile’s mouth shut for its own safety when they’re being transported, but sadly it’s not recommended that you do the same to your annoying cousin.



Meghan Markle’s marriage into the British royal family is not the only Suits spin-off doing the rounds. In Pearson, it’s the boss who gets promoted, with Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres), the authority figure for the many good looking lawyers of Suits, relocating to Chicago to solve problems for the city’s mayor, Bobby Novak (Morgan Spector). This is a noticeably sharper show than its predecessor, using the complexities and sometimes crises of one of America’s leading cities as a springboard for contemporary storytelling – this is a political drama, not legal, where the major players are all shades of grey morally.

Given the lead role, Torres is commanding as a woman whose professional prominence can clash with her family history and gut instincts. The Chicago exteriors and the Los Angeles interiors don’t always match up, but otherwise this one season-and-done series holds together.

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