You seem to have been incredibly busy in recent years. Do you ever just feel like a good lie down?

It has been an incredibly busy few years. Last year, I was overseas three times: I went to Israel, I went to Vanuatu filming a documentary on the Soul Harvest Choir – that was a very busy time because I met them in Vanuatu, I went to their village and followed them to Brisbane, Alice Springs, then to Canberra where they performed at Parliament House. Then Roadshow and Warner Bros approached me about doing an interview with Bryan Stevenson, so I was off to Alabama. It’s been a busy time indeed and sometimes you do feel a bit exhausted, but I love what I do. I have a passion for what I do and I’m committed to telling the stories of our people, and that’s what keeps me going.

SBS and NITV presenter Karla Grant.

SBS and NITV presenter Karla Grant.

That passion has never waned.

No, because there are so many stories to tell. You never run out of stories when it comes to Indigenous Australia – there’s so much to tell and it’s very important to get those stories out there. I love travelling around the country meeting different people from all walks of life: that’s why I love doing the [Living Black] Conversations. I love sitting down and having a good yarn, hearing people’s stories.

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